Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Oil-Dri is a proud member of the Sorptive Minerals Institute.

Oil-Dri is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of products for consumer, industrial and automotive, agricultural, sports fields and fluids purification markets. Oil-Dri -- Creating Value From Sorbent Minerals

ClayFounded in 1941 as a distributor of clay floor absorbents, the company now develops, manufactures and markets products for consumer, industrial, automotive, agricultural and fluids purification markets. Oil-Dri's product line has been diversified by leveraging the qualities of its extensive mineral reserves with an innovative research and development program.

Oil-Dri controls attapulgite and montmorillinite mineral reserves that have been used for thousands of years. The earliest references to Fuller's Earth, a common name for some of these clays, appears in the Bible. In this reference, fullers, who worked with sheep's wool, used these clays to remove natural oils from the wool.

Manufacturing processes and technical advancements have been used to enhance the natural characteristics of these clay minerals and develop Lab technicianproducts that leverage both their absorbent qualities, soaking up liquids into their many pores like a sponge; and their adsorbent qualities, active sites on surface which attract and lock up impurities, like a magnet.

Oil-Dri operates an extensive research and development program from its laboratory campus in Vernon Hills, Illinois. In addition, the company has seven manufacturing facilities in North America and a plant in the United Kingdom.